Friday Feature - Finding Payroll Errors

Friday Feature LogoDuring all of that W2 processing I did over the last few weeks of Friday Features, I discovered the Payroll Errors (Pay22) report. Actually, it was released in August 2006 and updated several times since then, so I didn't exactly discover it as much as find it extremely useful! pic_news_ff_Pay22ParmsThe Payroll Errors report shows all errors for a pay date, pay cycle, pay period or even a date range of pay days. The selection criteria is really simple but effective. We suggest you run this report for every pay day, as part of your process.

You can also select a category for errors. For example, you don't want to see all of the labor, general or STRS errors, just the PERS errors.


The user options aren't the only fancy parts of this report. The report groups the errors by employee and does math for you too! Check it out.

pic_news_ff_Pay22What you see here is for a single employee on a variable pay cycle who, for some reason, did not make enough money during the pay period to cover all of the deductions in her setup.

Notice that the message begins "deduction of $xx.xx." This is the amount of the deduction for the employee's pay. But the message ends, "($-xx.xx)." This is the magic math I was talking about. The amount shown in the first line ($-241.89) is the sum of the missing amounts for all deductions listed:

+ + = 79.49 62.40 100.00 241.89 (the overage amount for the last deduction on the list) (for the middle deduction) (for the first deduction on the list) Total

The report also shows the employee's name, ID, SSN4, pay cycle and pay date. Now that is extremely useful!