More Developers: Patrick Moves to Development

Patrick KinsellaI recently came to Escape from ARCHCO where I worked for ten years. ARCHCO - a Staffing, Payroll, and Human Resources outsourcing company which provided services for customers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico - had a very similiar set of functionality as Escape so it made my transition fairly seamless. In the few short months that I have been here, I have found that Escape provides a lot of opportunities for its employees, just like Jennifer and Steph have said in their blogs about their new positions. When I started at Escape, I performed data conversions, assisting new and existing customers import data into Escape Online. Now, I will be taking on a new position in the Development Department where I’ll have an opportunity to work on interfaces, HRAs, and other exciting features that enhance Escape Online. I’m excited to have a role that adds functionality to an already robust product. Working with data conversions has given me an understanding of how the backend and frontend of Escape Online tie together. I’ll be able to leverage what I have learned and build on my experience.

I’m excited for the opportunity and can’t wait to start working on enhancements that will benefit our customers.