Friday Feature - Adding a Manual Approver to a Vendor Requisition

Everyone has standards for the regular work day, but what about the unexpected? Surely, your district has a standard set of approvers for vendor requisitions. Depending on the accounts and amount, requisitions are routed to principals, budget techs, categorical managers, purchasing buyers and others. Of course, Escape Online workflows handle the simple and complex rules for routing approvals through your organization. On occasion, though, you may need to add an approver that is not on the regular list. Escape Online has got you covered here, too.

Vendor Req Approval List
Vendor Req Approval List

Here is a screen shot of the approvals list of a vendor requisition. I have clicked the New button to add an approver. As you can see, the bottom of the screen shows that there are seven approvers, two of whom have already given their approval.

That seems like it should be more than enough! But, you want to make sure that the IT Director also approves the hardware, ensuring that it is correct and will interface with your current system.

So, you want to add the director, Celeste Michaels, to the approver list.

All you have to do is click New on the Approvals tab inside of the requisition and pick her from the lookup of approvers.

She will get an automatic notification that she needs to review the requisition and provide her approval.

Her name will be added to the list here, with a level of 10 because that is the only level that has been approved.  (You cannot set approval levels higher or lower.)

All you have to do is Save/Close the requisition and Escape Online takes care of all the details of inserting the approval at the appropriate level, sending the notification to the new approver, tracking the new approver's approval, and processing the requisition as usual.

Now that is some awesome flexibility built into your standard processes.  The best of both worlds.

Note: While this article focuses on workflow approvals, manual approvals also work with the standard 1234 approvals for vendor requisitions. On the HR/Payroll side, manual approvals also work with HRAs, but you add them from the Items tab instead of the Approvals tab.