Friday Feature - Adding a Manual Approver to an HRA

Last week, we went over the marvelous ability to add an approver to a vendor requisition. This week we shall see how the same functionality works for an HRA. Human resource authorizations (HRAs) are used to route, track, and approve the complex requests that come out of HR/Payroll, like hiring employees, changing positions, and authorizing additional pay. Just like vendor requisitions, HRAs use workflow to manage the document as it winds through the approval process. And, just like vendor requisitions, HRAs sometimes need to have a one-off approver. However, unlike vendor requisitions, HRA line items are routed instead of the entire document. Let's take a look.

Here is a list of items for a typical HRA for separating an employee. It all makes sense: HR needs to change the employee record; payroll needs to stop paying the employee; a vacancy needs to be created; and a new employee needs to fill the vacancy. In this example, the highlighted item is for creating a vacancy and you want to run it by the Department Head, just to keep everyone in the loop.

This is where the unique part of HRAs comes into play. Each item has its own approval path, so instead of clicking on a New button on the Approvals tab, you would use the Add Approver task on the Items tab, like you see here.

Once you select the task, Escape Online displays the dialog box for adding the approver. Now it all starts to look familiar. This is the same concept for adding a manual approver as vendor requisitions: you use the lookup to pick the approver and set the approval level, and Escape Online routes that approval for you and writes the approval record to the Approvals tab.

Now, that's marvelous!