Training Success at Solano COE

pic_news_SolanoCOEWorking Just another busy day for Kathy Carlson and her Solano COE counterparts, Marcia Street and Michelle Mallory, hosting work sessions for the district users!

“Even though some days feel more chaotic then others, at the end of the day we have a great team between Escape and SCOE working to make this project happen! And Kathy has been very valuable to the success of this project!” ~ Michelle Mallory, Business Information Systems Support Specialist, Solano County Office of Education.

Now that all of the Core Training is complete, the COE is hosting work sessions Monday – Thursday for the district users, allowing them to get away from their day jobs so they can focus on completing system setup and acceptance testing.   Once the acceptance testing is complete they will move onto pay compares, final training and then they will be ready to go live on schedule in July!  Way to go team.

Even the districts are getting excited.  

“Effective, hands-on work sessions at the SCOE technology lab, with on-site live person tech support, is a major contribution to the progress we are making with our implementation of the Escape Technology system.” ~ Tim Rahill, CBO, Benicia USD.

Keep up the good work everyone, July will be here before you know it!