Friday Feature - Automating the Initiate Pay Request

Paying school employees is complex. There are many, many factors that go into the payroll calculation, such as pay cycles and calendars. If these records are changed, you need to recalculate or initiate pay. Of course, Escape Online does this automatically for you at the employee level, ensuring that as you make changes to individual employees, pay is ALWAYS computed for them.

But, if you make changes at the system-level, Escape Online makes it easy to run system wide payroll computes after hours. The Initiate Payroll Requests activity allows you to specify a time and a recurring option.

Setting Up a Recurring Initiate Pay
Setting Up a Recurring Initiate Pay

See how I set it to 10pm and daily?

That's it. Seriously! It is as simple as that. Set it once and then forget about it. It will run every night at 10pm — weekends included — ensuring your changes to the system-level pay setup records are disseminated throughout the employee base.

Now that is an excellent example of making the complex simple.