Friday Feature - Ad hoc Messages for Invoices

Friday Feature LogoWay back in 2011, I talked to you about boilerplate messages in purchase orders. What I didn't mention was that you can use those same messages your organization defined in the Finance-Setup-Department-Messages activity for invoices as well. It works exactly the same, letting you insert standard messages before and after a line item on an invoice.

But, what if you want to be free to type whatever you want? Lo and behold, Escape Online gives you that option.  Check it out.


Let's look at a LIVE example. What you see here is the line item of an AR invoice. Escape Online gives you the opportunity to enter a message BEFORE or AFTER the line item. This gives you a lot of freedom to write a message up to 200 characters or more, depending on your invoice setup.


If we open the message and take a look, we can see a conference name and check number. Obviously, this message was ad hoc.

The way this works is if want to create an ad hoc message, you just start typing in the field, entering whatever you want.

Or, you can use the "standard" messages like we talked about in that previous post. In that case, you use the lookup to get a list of "standard" messages, selecting one of them for immediate use or editing it. Either way, once a message is entered (ad hoc or standard), you can use the lookup to open a Notepad Editor, where you can customize it even more!

pic_news_ff_Invoice_MsgLineInvoiceHere is an example of how it looks on an invoice. Click the invoice to see the entire PDF.

Nice. Let freedom ring!