v14.01 Release Review Highlights

I have to say, this is one of my FAVORITE releases to date! Why, you ask? Not because we broke a Release Review record with over 88 users connected, but because v14.01 has a perfect balance of awesome changes between all three Escape Online 5 modules.

TerriThe Finance module had fixed asset activity and fixed asset report changes that ROCK! I loved showing users how to search and report on assets that are attached to a location that is no longer active. This functionality is being released just in time for fixed asset inventories and audits. Nice!

The HR/Payroll module had RETRO! Not the style of retro, but the payroll retro. Escape Online 5 makes it EASY to create a retro, and the best part was showing the ability to retro assignments and/or addons. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that thought so. Kelli Roberts from Shasta County Office of Education said, "All the changes to the retro activity are AWESOME!" Indeed!

The System module wasn’t left out either! Nope. I loved showing users the ability to set the level they want the software to treat cash closed dates! Amazing! Our software keeps getting better and better!

If you missed the live broadcast, don’t worry! You can log into Escape Online 5, click on the Online Resources module and open the Release Information activity. The recording and Q & A will be posted on Tuesday, April 1st. No fooling!