A Day in the Life of Your Customer

Ramona, Stephanie and Jennifer As Ramona mentioned in her previous article, we had the privilege of attending The Total Customer Experience conference in mid-March. Since I’m new to managing the Customer Care and Testing teams, it was a great opportunity for me to get some insight on best practices from other software vendors. It was a big conference with many different breakout sessions, so the three of us strategized before the conference to determine which sessions each of us would attend. The titles of many of the sessions made it difficult to really know what the content would be, but we did our best. I attended 7 sessions total and I’ll be providing an update on each session through the next week or so.

The first session I attended was titled "A Day in the life of your customer." This session walked us through the many different ways that customers interact with a company and how the sum of those interactions create the ‘total customer experience.’ So, it’s about more than just having excellent customer support. It’s also about having great documentation, superb implementations and awesome technical support. We do get frequent feedback on things we are doing right but after attending this conference, I’ve been thinking about some more formal ways of gathering feedback. Stay tuned for that!

Other lessons I learned from the session was that as a company we should have common terminology that we all use for the ‘customer experience.’ For example, we should always be responsive, friendly, professional, helpful, with quick turnaround. We should also declare our customer experience goals and live by them. This is something that Jennifer, Ramona and I will be working on in the next couple of months.

I'll be back tomorrow with more information on the other sessions that I attended on the first day.