The Customer Experience Journey

Hi, it’s me again with more information on Day 1 of the Total Customer Experience Conference. Two additional sessions I attended on the first day were the Customer Experience Journey and the Customer Insights Innovation. pic_news_steph_customer_experience_journey_dennis-reno-headshot

The Customer Experience Journey session was 90 minutes and led by Dennis Reno, Vice President of Customer Success at New Relic. The session was mainly about managing the customer experience.

The main point that I took away from this session was the importance of empowering the customer service representatives to own the customer and the customer experience. Since support reps spend their entire day working with their customers, the reps are in the best position to make decisions about customers and know what they truly need.

Our support reps at Escape are already highly empowered to assist customers as needed and lobby for customer’s changes on a regular basis. However, we will be evaluating our processes and consider how we can empower our reps even more.


Another session I attended was titled Customer Insights for Innovation. This was a great session led by Glenn Wintrich Jr., Innovation Leader and Chief Innovation Officer at Dell. A few key points that I took away from this session were that sometimes the most successful innovations are often the simplest! And, that we should look for innovation and new ideas from everyone in the organization, not just designers or executives. We all have a unique perspective on how to solve problems and insights on new solutions.

This is an area where Escape is already one-step ahead! As you probably already know we spend a good portion of Monday gathering input from all our employees on incidents and change requests! A variety of input ultimately results in a better solution.