Customer Value-Chain Mapping

Yes, it was a very busy conference and Ramona had the three of us attending different sessions and synching up at night to exchange notes. We were on the go for two full days, but it was well worth it! pic_news_steph_customer_value_chain__mapping_reginald-chatman-headshot

The 4th session that I attended was entitled Customer Value-Chain Mapping. It was presented by Reginald Chatman, Director of Customer Advocacy/Experience at SanDisk. The overarching message for this session was about trying to understand what customers want and value from your company. The bottom line is that the customer’s perceived value is based on the experiences they have with your employees and your product.

In our world, that relates to having less defects in our products and quicker turnaround on our responses to customers. Next week you will hear from Jennifer and she will be mentioning how this concept ties in with some changes we are making to our design and spec writing process.

Our goal in attending these types of conferences is to identify the best practices in our industry and evaluate how our processes measure up. Where we identify an opportunity, we determine how to make a change that will have a meaningful impact for our customers.

I love working for a company that is so flexible and responsive!