Journey Mapping and Customer Loyalty

The two final sessions I attended were Customer Experience Journey Mapping and Multi-Channel Customer Loyalty. pic_news_steph_customer_experience_journey_mapping-Tabitha-Dunn-headshot

Customer Experience Journey Mapping was presented by Tabitha Dunn, Managing Director, Customer Insights at Citrix. In this session, we discussed the merits of visually mapping interactions, emotions and ecosystem dynamics across the customer journey.

The process includes mapping the current state, designing desired results, performing a gap analysis, then prioritizing the scope and finally acting on what you learn.  For us this concept is little more removed so we will spend some time on determining how to translate the mapping process into something that can be helpful for our customers and us.


The last session was titled Multi-Channel Customer Loyalty, which was presented by Brian Border, Senior Director, CRM Marketing at Shutterfly. Brian discussed the importance of addressing customers concerns and making it easy for them to stay customers!

As the manager of Customer Support and Testing, addressing customers' concerns and keeping our customers happy and productive is my primary goal. We regularly leverage statistics on our incidents and change requests and solicit feedback from customers to determine how we are doing.

Our job at Escape is to provide high quality products and support to all of our customers. Of course, I know there are always things we can improve upon so please feel free to email me directly if there is a specific area where you think we can improve.

Over the next month or so I’ll be busy with Ramona and Jennifer working through the next steps from the conference and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on any procedural modifications we decide upon.

Thank you again for being such great customers and allowing us to serve you!