The User Experience & the Voice of Customer Excellence

David Sward, Senior Director User Experience at Cisco Systems The Connected User Experience was presented by David Sward, Senior Director of User Experience at Cisco Systems. I loved the simplicity of this session: Know what your customers value and get customer feedback.

Of course, as a company, our top priority is delivering meaningful content and amazing support to our customers but it’s great to get an official reminder about the importance of it.  I know you’ve already read about this in several of the blogs but since it’s a recurring theme, it seemed important for me to mention it again.

Sacha Adam, Senior Product Manager Turbo Tax at Intuit

Another session I attended was called the Voice of Customer Excellence, presented by Sacha Adam, Senior Product Manager of Turbo Tax at Intuit.  The theme of this session was to slow down in the process and ask for ideas.

Many of you know we spend most of Monday in meetings doing exactly this … getting ideas.  It’s great that everyone in the company has input on our CR specifications and designs. The challenge of this part of the process though is coming to a solution that works for everyone – it takes time and patience!