2014 AP Webinar Highlights & Winners!

What an awesome turn out! We had great feedback from attendees and great content! Arin did an outstanding job keeping the chat box flowing. I love polling our customers. During the live broadcast I asked, "How often do you need more space in the vendor address field?" Well this opened the door to lots of other suggestions for expanding other fields in other activities. Which reminds me that if you have a change request, be sure to send them to your county support and they will prioritize them and send them to Escape Technology for consideration.

Here’s the poll question and results: (56% responded to the poll).

How often do you need more space in the Vendor address field?

Never                                12% 1 – 10 Vendors                29% 11-25 Vendors                  22% 26-100 Vendors                37%

Lastly, I asked you to email me a picture of you or your group watching the live broadcast and one picture would be selected to win a Starbucks gift certificate. The WINNER is ... Everyone!  I loved them all!

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