Friday Feature - Workflow Doc Types and Events

Last week, I introduced the concept of workflows. Today I would like to go a little deeper and show you how workflows take action on certain document types based on events in the document's life cycle. First, let's review the list of document types. (We are working to open every document type to workflow automation. We are close, but not quite there yet.)

Workflows Doc Types
Workflows Doc Types

We currently support the following document types for defining workflow:

  • AP Payments – for paying for the goods and services purchased through vendor requisitions.
  • Department Requisitions – for procuring goods or services from internal departments. For example, Food Services caters, and the Print Shop makes copies.
  • Direct Payments – for paying directly (without a requisition) vendors in the database or companies and individuals that are not defined as vendors (one-time payments).
  • Employee Payments – for paying employees in the database.
  • HRA Item Types – for HR authorizations, like employee demographics, termination, position and payroll changes.
  • Stores Requisitions – for procuring items from the warehouse.
  • Vendor Requisitions – for buying goods and services from vendors defined in the database.

What this list means is that you can define workflow for any of those documents based on the events that occur to those documents.

Workflow Events
Workflow Events

Remember, the "event" is what happens to the document.

Now I just gave you a pretty comprehensive list of document types, as you could imagine, there are going to be a lot of different types of events. To help you out, we actually put them into two categories: Status Change events and Other.

Check it out.

Obviously, not every event applies to every document type, but let's take a minute to concoct a few scenarios.

Let's look at vendor requisitions because they are the most common type of document.

Based on our list of events, we could have approvals or notifications sent at any of the statuses: Submitted, Approved, Cancelled, Check Pending, Complete, Denied, Printed, Ready for Payment. Wow!

We could also get notifications or send it through approvals again if there was a change notice. We could get notified if the requisition was Returned to Open.

Another document type that everyone is talking about is HRA Items. Just think of the automation that could be achieved with workflow for an employee termination. HR needs to know when to terminate. Payroll needs to know the last pay date. Information Technology needs to know when to shut off access. The Business Office needs to know when to pick up assets, like tablets. The Budgeting Director needs to know so the budget can be verified. And, of course, we haven't even started on all of the approvals for the employee's replacement.

The possibilities for approvals and notifications with workflows are almost endless.

The bottom line is by connecting document types with events, workflows become almost free form in their ability to accommodate how your COE, or your district, or your department within a district works.