Agile Product Management & Designing the Way Forward

Ben Newell Director of Product TripCase at Sabre Holdings On the second day of the conference, I attended some interesting sessions. The one I will talk about today is Agile Product Management & Road Mapping, presented by Ben Newell Director of Product TripCase at Sabre Holdings.

The main point of this session was to use physical road mapping. The thought here is that rather than using a tool to plan the content of a release, you actually use physical artifacts (like sticky notes) on a wall or whiteboard. It definitely makes the process a little cumbersome, which really makes people think twice about what is going into a release.

What I really like about this is that it requires they physically remove something from the release when they add something new. I feel like sometimes it’s a little too easy with our current process to slip new content in and not remove anything. And yes, it’s typically Ramona, Stephanie or me doing that, so this will be great change for the three of us! I’ll be experimenting with the process for the 2015 releases.

Another concept discussed was the importance of focusing on one story (area of the software) at a time. We have discussions internally about having only payroll releases, finance releases or report releases. The idea sounds really good but the thought of skipping one group of our users even in one release a year isn’t something we’ve been willing to do so far. We are going to discuss this a little more and identify the pros and cons. I would personally love to hear from our customers on this one, so please email me directly if you have input on this idea.