Escape The Heartbleed Bug

heartbleedYou may have heard about The Heartbleed Bug in the news recently. In short, it is a fatal flaw in a key safety feature for surfing the Web - that key being the ONE that keeps your email, shopping, passwords, and communications private. I have received a couple inquiries to find out if this security flaw impacts Escape Online 5. I am happy to report that this bug has no impact on Escape Online 5 and you should feel comfortable in knowing that your data is secure from the Heartbleed Bug.  If you have applications/websites in which you access via a secure web connection, you may consider ensuring that they are patched. Several popular websites have confirmed that they were vulnerable to the bug, but have subsequently been patched. If you have accounts on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or GoDaddy, I'd highly suggest changing your passwords immediately.

The following website has compiled a list of popular websites and reports if they are/were vulnerable to the bug:


The following website allows you to test specific links to determine if a site is susceptible to the Heartbleed Bug:



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