Collaborative Innovation

I guess it’s my turn now that you’ve heard from Jennifer and Stephanie! There was a little overlap in the sessions we attended so I won’t go into more details of sessions already discussed in prior articles. The first session that I’d like to review is Collaborative Innovation that was presented by Wes Donohoe, Director and Lead Product Manager at Live Nation. Wes DonohoeWes’ entire presentation focused around his ‘Formula For Success,’ which included three key main components: assembling the right team, showing your work and showing it often, and winning quickly and often. As I sat through his presentation, what struck me was that we are already doing all three items here at Escape.

We are intentional about assembling the right team for every spec and design session that we hold, we occasionally ask developers to show us their progress on a big projects and we ship software (aka win) regularly! Of course, the more analytical you are about each situation, the more you will find opportunities for improvement and efficiencies.

Later in the summer when we get together to reevaluate our internal processes, I will definitely keep Wes’ presentation handy to ask the group how we can improve upon these three components. If you have some insights for me on this topic, please feel free to email and share your thoughts!

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