Beyond Usability: Mapping Emotion to Experience

Kelly Goto, Founder, Gotomedia The next session I want to share with you is Beyond Usability: Mapping Emotion to Experience presented by Kelly Goto, Founder of Gotomedia. On the surface, it seemed pretty far off the target for me, but Jen and Steph were attending the other two sessions being offered at the same time so I attended this one. And, as sometimes happens, I was pleasantly surprised to find some useful tidbits.

It seems that regardless of your industry it’s very important to see your customers using your product in their own environment. You will pick up on many subtle, yet very important facts! (This concept was also referenced by Jennifer in her blog, Designing the Way Forward.) This is something we are definitely going to do more of in the future.

Another concept discussed was the importance of ‘Why-Finding’ — continuing to ask WHY. Why do you want this feature? Why is this way better than that way? Why do you need this delivered by Tuesday? Why is this more important than that? This is an area where I think we can improve greatly. A lot of times we just assume things when our co-workers or customers suggest certain features or changes. We need to slow down and take the time to understand the WHY behind the request and determine if there is a better solution.

A third take away for me was how high-performing companies ingrain Kaizen — the culture of continuous improvement — into their organizations. At Escape, we do a bit of this by continuing to evaluate our processes and staff assignments and making changes accordingly. Being flexible like this is one of the many things I love about working at company like Escape!

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