Influencing Behavior Through Design

Lowell Goss, Global Head of UX & Design at Telenav The last session I wanted to talk to you about was Influencing Behavior Through Design presented by Lowell Goss, Global Head of UX & Design at Telenav. This session was targeted at mobile and touch platforms, so I was really interested to see what I’d learn.

Although the platform and customer base for Telenav is different from ours, there was one very relevant topic that applies to our market and customers: ensuring you include counters in your software in order to collect statistics.  When you have data about how users use the system, there is no guessing how often a feature is used or the path taken to get to that feature.  Simple, yet brilliant!

At Escape, we’ve done a great job of instrumenting Escape Online 5 to collect statistics and a fairly decent job utilizing those statistics.  In Stephanie's Maximizing Your Return on Customer Experience blog, she mentioned how several years ago we used our report statistics to narrow down which reports needed some attention.  In addition to report stats, we also capture many other statistics in the system and we actually gather those system statistics weekly from our customers and bring them to Escape for analysis.

If you recall a few months ago, we added a new member to our team, Greg Petlowany.  Greg’s background is primarily in performance engineering so he feels right at home sifting through all of the data we have.  He posted a blog a few weeks ago about some of his findings and at the beginning of May he'll publish a follow up.  It's great to a have a team member who's comfort zone is working with this level of detail.

As you can tell from this long series of articles, we are investing serious time and effort in attending conferences so we can learn new best practices from software companies world wide, with the goal of making our customer experience the best it can possibly be.  I appreciate you sticking with us through this series of articles and please let me know what you thought.  I'd love to get the feedback!

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