Friday Feature - Workflow Approve All Flag

Last week, we talked about workflow approval leveling and I promised that I would explain the Approve All flag. In that blog entry, I said that when you see this flag set to YES that means everyone with the workflow role for that level MUST approve the document before the next level of users would receive notification of required approvals. For a quick refresher, here is the graphic from that post. As we can see here, the ALL flag is set to yes for level 10, workflow role Admin Appr. To see who is attached to the workflow role, we need to check out the System-Setup-Workflow-Workflow Role Users activity.

The Workflow Role Users activity is where you tie a workflow definition to a User record in Escape Online and define how the user works within the workflow structure for documents, departments, locations, goods/services and accounts.

Here's a snapshot of the Workflow Role Users activity.

Workflows Approval ALL
Workflows Approval ALL

Actually, in this LIVE example from a customer, there are quite a few workflow users for this workflow role, so I focused the graphic on only those approvers for location HR97, and I highlighted some of the account component codes so we can get deep into the intricacies of workflow.

Let's say we have a requisition for location HR97 and its account has 5043 for the management component. That requisition MUST be approved by Jamie, Jan and Randy before moving onto level 20.  Here's another one.  If the requisition is for HR97 and the management component is 7279 (the second code on Jamie's line), the requisition would need approvals by both Jamie and Randy.  If the requisition has management code 5042 (not in Jamie, Jan or Jim's list), then only Randy will have to approve.

But what if the Approve All flag was set to NO?

I sometimes find being contrary can help me understand concepts better. If the flag for level 10 was set to NO that means that anyone who matches the criteria can approve for the whole level. Using our first example, if a requisition is for location HR97 and its account has 5043 for the management component, then Jamie, Jan OR Randy can approve.

In this LIVE example, there are a lot of levels and a lot of criteria for each level of approvals. The COE that developed these workflow definitions spent a lot of time discerning how workflows could be used for their business practices. Escape Online allows workflows to be as complex or simple as you need them to be, with users working together or separately to approve documents as they go through the life cycle.

Stay tuned for next week's talk about notifications!