Friday Feature - Workflow Notifications

We have spent the last few weeks talking about how workflows give you the flexibility to define approvals that match your business processes. What we haven't talked about, though, is notifications. Escape Online workflow definitions also include a powerful notification feature. Let's take a look!

Workflow Notifications
Workflow Notifications

This is a screenshot of a step within a workflow definition. Honestly, this is not a LIVE example because I wanted to show you all of the options in one shot, so to speak.

As you can see, there are three types of notifications that you can set up.

Notify User: This allows you to notify a specific Escape Online user of an event. For example, say Celeste is the Principal and she wants to be notified every time an HRA is completed for her school. To do this, she would have the location set in her Workflow Role User record and have her user specified here in this step.

Notify Other: This allows you to notify a particular type of user, like document originator or previous approvers. Many of our LIVE customers use this to notify users of cancellations or documents that were denied during the approval process.

Notify Workflow Role: This allows you to notify a group of users, like purchasing, budget managers or IT. Some customers have used this to notify budget managers of requisitions over a certain dollar amount going to the Complete status. Others have used it in HRAs for employee termination to notify the IT department about an employee's departure so they can remove the employee's access points.

All three of these options can be used in combination with each other. In fact, you could create several steps in a workflow so that you could closely control who gets notified and when.

Very cool.

Stay tuned! Next week's blog will be the last in this series, where we will be discussing how those notifications are delivered to the users.