Government Compensation in California Report

GovCompCAreportAs most of you know, California State Controller, John Chiang, asked California schools to report salary information voluntarily for the California Government Compensation (GCC) website. Many Escape Online users wanted to take advantage of this civic opportunity to report public employee salary information, even though it was not yet required. Escape Technology listened.  We worked with several customers to develop a report that provides the data needed for uploading to the website. The new Government Compensation in California (Pay54) report is currently being delivered to customers as a patch so that they can start using it right away.

The report includes a GCC Summary Data option that is tailored for uploading. It also includes the same data with some additional database information for research purposes, including employee ID, employee last name, employee first name and FTE. Finally, it includes a detail option for in-depth research, tying the summary data back to the pay detail.

There is a little bit of setup necessary to ensure the data conforms to the GCC guidelines, but nothing too time consuming. If you have not yet received your patch or have any questions about the new report, please contact Escape Customer Care.