Project Kick-Off Meeting for Santa Barbara County Education Office

With the initial project planning complete a few weeks ago, it was time to meet with the districts and review the project milestones that will take them through the next 15 months.  So, Carole and I packed up and headed down to Santa Barbara last week for the Project Kick-Off Meeting.

Not only is Santa Barbara an amazing location, it’s also an amazing team!  Denice Cora and the Core Team from the Santa Barbara Education Office did a wonderful job preparing for the meeting.  Carole and I were taking notes to make sure we can duplicate some of their ideas in future projects.

Nearly 100 attendees from districts all across the county attended.  They were on time, attentive and asked great questions.  After the meeting, over 50 district users stayed for the remainder of the day and most of the next day for their first training on position control.  Now that’s efficient!

The Santa Barbara CEO Training Center

We are so fortunate to have such enthusiastic and professional partners.  Starting off a project on such a high note gives me a great feeling about this project.  Thanks to the Escape Project Manager Carole Williams, Denice Cora, Administrator for School Business Advisory Services and the entire SBCEO team for making the Kick-Off meeting such a success!