Changes to Escape Online 5 webinars

  pic_news_Training2014ConfExpoSome of you have been asking, “What’s with all the changes to the webinars Terri?" So, I thought it was time to spill the beans.

I went to the Training 2014 conference in San Diego in February. It was AWESOME!

The best take away for me was that here at Escape, we are doing a lot of things right, but there’s always room for improvement. That is why I’m now including webinar surveys at the end of each webinar. Thank you to those of you who have participated!

My favorite keynote speaker was Shawn Achor. He spoke about a happier work place. Everyone knows how much I like to have fun! Check out his Ted talk.

Another fun thing I learned was how to do video training. It’s like a reverse classroom.  The reverse classroom gives students homework first who then come to class with their questions and learn more.

Finally, I learned that I should make our PowerPoints more personal by including pictures of Escape employees.  If you haven’t noticed, be on the lookout for an Escapee in an upcoming webinar's PowerPoint.

Thank you again for being such loyal customers and attending our webinars. I love that what I do helps you with your daily work!