Friday Feature - Notifications

Friday Feature LogoWe spent the month of April talking about workflow. One of the really cool things about workflow is that once you have it all set up, users get notified when there are documents that need their attention. While some users prefer the notifications to take place inside of Escape Online, others prefer to get an email. Just like workflow, the notification process allows for this type of flexibility. pic_news_ff_NotificationsEnvelopeFor users that are always in the software, like Purchasing Department users, the Message Center is the way to go for receiving notifications.

The Message Center is available to every user from the envelope icon at the bottom right of their application. If you double-click on the envelope, the Message Center appears in the workspace. Even better, if you have messages, the number of messages in your Message Center is displayed next to the envelope.

pic_news_ff_NotificationsStatusBarAnd, as you get new messages, they are displayed in the status bar. Very nice!

If you want to see all of your messages, like I said earlier, you can double-click on the envelope and open the message center.

pic_news_ff_NotificationsMessageCenterFrom the Message Center, you can open a message and quick link to the activity or document (depending upon the type of message) so that you can take the needed action. As new messages come in, Escape Online automatically updates the list and, every night, it deletes extraneous messages (action was taken, the message hasn't been read for two weeks, etc.), keeping your Message Center nice and clean.

pic_news_ff_NotificationsEmailNow, for those users that are rarely in the software, like I.T. Department users who only get notifications for terminated employees or need to approve the occasional purchase of hardware, emails are the way to go. This is set up in the User record.

Check it out.

You can have Escape Online not email you (Message Center Only), only email you, or do both! And, of course, this all applies to proxy approvers and manually created approvers too.

Now that's worth notifying someone about!