The Birthday Giving Project

10333311_713669368672292_4498251428126616957_oYep, I’m at it again! May’s project is The Birthday Giving Project and my coworkers have come forward with donations to help meet my goal of 20 birthday boxes by May 24. What: The Birthday Giving Project is a way to help less fortunate families celebrate birthdays by giving them a birthday in a box. I found this through Family-To-Family.Org. On Tuesday, May 27, I’ll be delivering the completed birthday boxes to Roseville Home Start – a local agency that helps homeless families find affordable housing and become self-sufficient.

The idea is to decorate and fill shoe boxes with everything needed for a small birthday party. (Or, pretty, decorated shopping bags can be used instead.)  Each box goes to a different child. - Family-to-Family.Org

Why: This project spoke to me as a parent. The idea of not being able to even make a cake and have a small present for my child is unimaginable in my world. I have the means to help other families celebrate their children’s birthdays and it’s a great opportunity for my daughter to work on a project with me. She’s making 20 rubber band bracelets.

How: Over the past month, I’ve received donations from coworkers and friends and I’ll be having an assembly party. People can drop off donations or come help put the donations together and decorate boxes/bags.

If you’d like to participate, or just meet a real live Escapee, come on by Origin Coffee and Tea (2168 Sunset Boulevard, Rocklin, CA) between 2:00 and 5:00 pm on Saturday, May 24. Click here to find a list of items needed for birthday boxes.