Friday Feature - Leftover Leave

Friday Feature LogoYou may have heard the cliché, "use it or lose it" but have you heard of "use it or get an extra paycheck?" Of course, I am referring to vacation balances. Some of our customers have a vacation policy that does not include carrying over a balance, and that means that something must be done with the leftover. Escape Online supports paying off leave balances and docking pay for leave overages. Let's take a look at how this works.

  • Docks. Each leave balance profile can be set up to go negative or dock an employee's pay every earnings period.
  • Payoffs. Each leave balance can be set up to payoff excess leave in the employee's last earnings period.

pic_news_ff_LeaveBalanceProfile pic_news_ff_LeaveOrgAddonsHere is the setup. It is super easy!

All you have to do is set the flag in the Leave Balance Profile and specify the addons to be used in the Organization record.

Everything else is automated. The users entering the leave transactions simply enter the transaction. They don't have to do anything special. This is awesome because many of our customers have their site users entering leaves.

Escape Online creates the docks/payoffs automatically based on your setup. And, it gives you two opportunities to override.

First, when the HR/Payroll Technician loads leaves into payroll (in the Leave Status activity), Escape Online shows each dock or payoff, giving the technician an opportunity to allow the leave to go negative or carry over.

Second, when the leaves are posted Escape Online creates the addons for the dock or the payoff. Again, the user has the opportunity to override the amount in the Adjust Payroll activity.


Let's take a look a "real" example. Say an employee has 6 hours of vacation but uses 10 hours; the payroll technician has the option of docking the employee's pay for 4 hours or allowing the vacation balance to go negative.

On the other hand, say an employee has 20 hours of vacation but has only used 10. Escape Online would create an addon paying the employee for those 10 hours on their last earnings period. Again, the technician has the opportunity to override and allow those 10 hours to carry over to the next year, or adjust the amount for any other reason.

Leave docks/payoffs are one more example of how Escape Online provides expert functionality with simple setup, and that is very slick indeed.