Friday Feature - Alternative Leaves

Friday Feature LogoLast week we talked about leftover leave balances. Let's continue the conversation with a twist: alternative leave balances. This is where one usage affects more than one balance. For example, sick leave is affected by personal business and personal necessity. pic_news_ff_LeaveAltSetupCheck it out.

Here is the setup from a LIVE customer. They have "personal business" set up to affect "personal necessity" and "sick." In addition, they set up personal necessity to affect sick leave, if that leave type is used instead of personal business.

That's powerful.

And, it all happens simultaneously. So if an employee puts in for a leave of personal business, when the HR technician enters and saves that leave usage transaction, Escape Online creates the leave usage transactions for the alternate leave balance codes and deducts the leave from all three: personal business, personal necessity and sick.

On the other hand, if the leave is for personal necessity, Escape Online deducts the leave from personal necessity and sick. Finally, if the leave is for sick, Escape Online ONLY deducts the leave from sick.

Now that we understand the concept, let's take a look at a LIVE example from an employee of that district.

pic_news_ff_LeaveAltTransactionsThe highlighted rows are exactly the same except for the leave balance. This shows how the HR technician entered one transaction, affecting three balances. Notice how they all have the same Create, Begin and End dates.

Also, notice how the last row in the graphic (not highlighted) is for sick leave and that there is only one line for that transaction.

Escape Online processes each type of leave accordingly. And, it does it all automatically, based on some simple setup. Amazing!

Stay tuned for next week's topic on transferring leave balances, a new feature that is going to knock your socks off.