Friday Feature - Leave Transfers

Friday Feature LogoFor the last two weeks, we have been talking about leaves: leave payoffs and leave alternatives. Today, I will end the series with a brand new feature: leave transfers. Introduced in v14.02 (at the beginning of June), this new way to manage employee leaves works with both leave payoffs and leave alternatives. In a nutshell, the leave transfer balance feature allows you to transfer hours/days from one leave balance to another when the leave usage is greater than the leave balance. Let’s step through an example.


Now, our employee has 2 days of personal, 1 floating holiday and 10 days of vacation and then our employee uses 4 days of personal. Here is the logic of the deductions and transfers that Escape Online does automatically:

  • Deduct 2 from personal, leaving it at zero.
  • Deduct 1 from floating holiday, leaving it at zero.
  • Deduct 1 from vacation, leaving the balance at 9.

And, here is the setup for the Personal Leave Balance Profile, showing how easy it is to define the transfer to the floating holiday:


What is most awesome about this feature is that it does not change your leave entry process!

You still enter the original leave in the Leave Transaction activity or on the Leaves tab of the Employee record. The original leave (4 days of personal using the example above) is recorded as a usage transaction type. The balance transfers (floating holiday to personal, and vacation to floating holiday) take place when you load in the Leave Status activity.

The transfers are recorded as adjustment transaction types. You can view the transfers from the Leave Transfer Balance snapshot in the Leave Status activity or from the Leaves tab in Employee Management activity (after the leaves are posted).

But wait, there's more!

As I said in the beginning, leave transfers also work with docks/payoffs. You can set the FINAL balance as a dock/payoff. So, if the vacation balance results in a dock or a payoff that will show on the Leave Status list, where you can override it just like any other dock or payoff.

Not done yet.  More good news!

And, it also works with alternatives. But, it is a little bit tricky. While alternatives and transfers are mutually exclusive for a single leave type, they can be implemented together. Let's modify our example above to see what I mean:

  • The Leave Type for personal has an alternate balance specified as sick.
  • The Leave Balance for sick has a transfer balance specified as floating holiday.
  • The Leave Balance for floating holiday has a transfer balance specified as vacation.

Now, if an employee uses personal, Escape Online will deduct the usage from both personal and sick (alternate balance). If the usage is greater than the sick balance, Escape Online transfers from floating holiday and vacation (if necessary). Finally, if the employee uses up all of the balances, a dock would occur on vacation (if it were setup to dock).

Wow, I feel like I just won the Triple Crown of leave management!