Recess at Work Day

June 19 was Recess at Work Day. No joke! It’s an actual day. I’ll share some links later so you can check it out for yourself.

Since I’m always up for some celebrating, I casually threw out the idea of celebrating Recess at Work Day. Let’s go to the park, have a picnic, toss some water balloons around, enjoy the sunshine (okay, heat) and have a little fun together, I said. And the higher-ups gave us a thumbs up.

That Thursday the Testing and Customer Care groups headed to Olympus Park – some in cars and some by foot. Me? I drove. No, not because I’m THAT lazy (the park is pretty much a block over from our office) but because I had a hard time just getting the bucket of water balloons from my front door and into my trunk.  Do you have any idea how heavy 40 filled water balloons are? Heavy. We’ll leave it at that.

At the park, a few people played a bean bag toss game. Some (Mike and John R) were much better than others (me). We teamed up and tossed water balloons back and forth to see who could get the furthest apart without breaking the balloon. We attracted an intern, about eight years old, who decided we were much more fun than his playground companions. He bravely defended our very own Stephanie when a male team member (we'll leave him unnamed) threw a water balloon at her while they were playing the bean bag toss game.  I couldn’t quite get a game of kick ball going (it had warmed up considerably), but John R., Mike, Greg and I kicked the ball around some. Let me just say that it’s probably a better idea to wear shoes when doing that.

Last, we got our group picture on the playground. What Escape event is complete without at least one group shot?

Interested in planning your own Recess at Work Day? Check out for more information. Let Rich know I sent you. Really. Rich DiGirolamo responds to random emails. It's kind of cool.

If you want to celebrate some fun-but-little-known holidays with your co-workers, go to to find lists of monthly, daily, and weekly celebrations and holidays around the world.

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