Customers Using HR Authorizations

Picture1Continuing the series on HRA’s, let’s talk about the customers that have started using them. There are currently 3 county offices of education actively using HRA’s on their production systems. San Joaquin COE is the most ardent user, having installed over 20 different types of HRA items. Monterey COE and Ventura COE are also using HRA’s. Monterey has 3 items in production and has requested an additional five be installed. Ventura has 10 items between production and test systems, but is still deciding which they are going to use ‘as is’ (as they were created for other customers), and which might need to be customized for the way they use the system. The great thing about HRA’s is the item packaging is up to the customer, and the item forms and underlying functionality of how they post to Online 5 is all customizable. Sonoma and Yuba COE’s are also in the evaluation stage. Sonoma has installed a number of items but is not actively using them yet in production.  Yuba COE, due to go live on all Online 5 Modules in July, is evaluating 4 item types on their test system.  Because HRA’s are closely tied to notifications and workflow, customers need to consider not only what appears on the form but how the information is best suited to be routed for approvals.

In addition to the counties, we also have 2 district systems with HRA’s in production. Escondido USD is using 2 items custom developed for their tracking of employee data, and Sacramento City USD is using 2 items to track changes to position records.  Another district system, Fairfield-Suisun USD, does not yet have HRA’s on production but has had us complete an installation for testing.

If you’d like to learn more about HRAs you can register for Terri’s upcoming HRA webinar that is scheduled in July. You can use this link: