As Our Customer Base Expands So Does Our Support

John and DawnWe are excited to announce two new team members for Escape Customer Care. John Garcia joined Team Escape in March, and Dawn Tillman joined us in May. Both have previous support experience and are sure to add to our already fabulous support team. John has joined the Finance team with over 15 years of experience working at the Help Desk in a major bank. Dawn comes to us with HR/Payroll customer support experience and a CPP (Certified Payroll Professional) certificate. As you can guess, Dawn has joined the HR/Payroll team. John and Dawn are being led by Terri Hammond through every activity and feature of our software, with weekly reviews, presentations and tests! John has already penned his first CR. Dawn is right behind him, shadowing pay support, picking up the complexities of hiring, managing and paying school district employees.

John's favorite part of Escape Online is how "the software is constantly evolving. From our customers’ input and our own ideas, the software is frequently modified to meet our customers’ needs."  Dawn likes how "we include easy step by step ‘How-to’, along with many helpful tutorials. New users will feel comfortable navigating the software and become productive immediately.”

And, Escape's favorite part is having Dawn and John join the team. We are all excited about welcoming them.