Friday Feature - HRA To Dos

Now we come to one of the most unique features of HRA routing and approvals: the To Do task list. Seeing that I am a To-Do-list-person myself, with daily, weekly and annual lists posted on my desk at work and refrigerator at home, I can see the clear benefit to such a feature, and so can our customers using HRAs. In addition to all the automated processes or updates that can be done with HRAs, To Dos allow you to send reminders about tasks that have to be done outside of Escape Online. One of the LIVE customers uses To Dos to remind users to print forms.  (There is no getting away from paper, not just yet!) In the HRA Setup webinar hosted by Terri (and available in Online Resources), To Dos were used to notify the IT and HR departments about tasks related to terminating employees.  Let's take a look.

We can see below a list of tasks called Terminate. Every time this task list is specified in a workflow step, these three tasks will be added to the HRA and a user or workflow role (group) will be notified that this task must be completed.

Next, we see how easy it is to specify that To Do task list in a workflow step. Below the workflow step shows that the Terminate To Do list will be added to the Employee Separation HRA item when the item is submitted.

Finally, let's see how it works when a user submits an Employee Separation HRA. Below is the HRA from Terri's webinar. This shows the To Do Task list within an Employee Separation HRA. We can see that there are three tasks: collect assets, terminate logins, and conduct an exit interview. Each one has notifications. (Remember, a To-Do does not have approvals.)

Each task must be completed before the HRA package is set to complete, ensuring that all of the HRA item approvals/postings and To Do tasks associated with an HR process are completed before the process can be considered complete.

Using electronic task lists is a great way to reduce paper and post-it notes!