Posting Payroll and Retirement Figures for 2013

MC900434829[1] At the beginning of each calendar year we like to post the previous year figures for the amount of retirement and payroll records processed through Escape Online 5.  In the rush of the new 2014 calendar year activities, we neglected to publish the 2013 figures. This was a shame, because as you’ll see below, our payroll and retirement users are STARS! Several new milestones were hit in 2013, including the fact that our system is now paying more than 100,000 employees for the first time. So we are posting now in order to recognize everyone’s achievements.

As customers join the Escape family we’ll watch the numbers grow.  We are looking forward to the 2014 numbers with Yuba COE, Solano COE and St. Hope Public Schools being live this year.

2013 Retirement Figures