Yuba County Processes First Regular Payroll

Yuba COE logo Two weeks ago, Gayle posted a blog about the Yuba County going live, telling everyone about how we processed the first (small) payroll.

Well, I was there last week with Dawn Tillman, the Support Rep assigned to Yuba, for a 2 day visit to finish the July regular payroll, along with a couple of other prior year payrolls.

Last week, we completed the processing stage of the 7/31 payroll for 4 of the 5 districts in the county (one district has no regular July payroll):

  • 258 employees
  • $543,731.30 total pay

This has been a great project. Thanks to all of the team members at Yuba County Office of Education and their district counterparts and thanks to Team Escape for pulling together all the resources necessary to make this a successful implementation!