Ahead of the Pack: STRS Rates Implemented

CalSTRS LogoLast week we received an email about our quick turnaround for the new STRS rates and we just had to share.

In a teleconference with my counterparts from a couple of other southern counties, the subject of readiness for the CalSTRS employee and employer rates changes came up.  They were quite impressed that Escape had done the necessary programming and that the new rate guidelines have been implemented. Good Job, Escape!

~ Gloria Pollock, Ventura County Office of Education

It's true. We sent out a patch in July for our customers with some simple setup steps. Escape Online now uses the new rate for STRS Defined Benefit Programs (as required with the passage of AB 1469, effective July 1, 2014) but the old rate for the Defined Benefit Supplement program (which didn't get a rate change).

Thanks to Gloria and all of our customers for helping us stay on top of the needs of California school business!