Friday Feature - Copying Multiple Assets

I love the generosity of my fellow Californians. Some may cynically point to an arbitrary news event that tests my belief for a moment, but I find in my every day life that Californians give again and again, of their time, effort and possessions. A recently added feature to Escape Online proves my point.  We had several customers that had received so many donations of such a high value that they needed a way to copy multiple assets in a single stroke.

So we added a task to the Fixed Assets list to allow you to do just that.  The task is under the Copy menu and it is called Create Multiple Copies. Here's how it works.

Say you receive 40 Apple iPad Minis. You create one with all of the "generic" information, like date receive, category, group, description, cost and such. Then you create 39 copies of that asset. Now, all 40 are on your list and you can work the list, entering the more specific information, like serial number, tag number and classroom.

Now that's a feature with a generous attitude!

While we believe all our customers will benefit from this feature, we would like to thank Ventura County Office of Education for requesting it. This is another great example of how we are continually improving our system around customers' actual needs. We do this with every release!