Santa Barbara County Education Office Data Migration Update

SBCEO_Logo Santa Barbara CEO is the largest of the implementations we’re currently working on at Escape.  With a target Go-Live date in July 2015, we are working hard on getting the foundation data necessary to build a great system.  To help get data as clean and accurate as possible, Escape provides templates with specific data requirements that can easily be copy/pasted in to and then used for the import process.  Having templates makes everything easier, streamlining the process by cutting down on customizing import SQL scripts.

As the SBCEO team extracts the data from their previous system, we get it mapped and imported in to Escape Online 5 where the data is validated and used for training purposes.  The base data begins with Employees, Accounts & Account Components, Salary Schedules, and Positions & Assignments.

So far, we have imported 44,028 rows of data and we are well on our way to making that July Go-Live date.