Escape Welcomes a Visitor

20140806_Beth_Cupertino-1 Here at the Escape office we love having visitors. We sit day-after-day interacting with our customers via email and telephone, seeing the same faces, and then someone decides to visit us. We tidy our desks and have a reason to dress up a bit.

This week we were fortunate enough to have Beth Muskat from Cupertino Unified School District spend the day with us. If you haven’t met Beth, you’re missing out! She’s fun to talk with, catches on very quickly, and we found we had much in common, like the fact that we both prefer to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. Now when Beth contacts us for help, she'll be able to envision our faces as we respond (I'm pretty sure this is a good thing) and we'll remember the smile she has when she understands something new.

Thanks for a wonderful training. ~ Beth Muskat, Budget/Payroll Analyst, Cupertino Unified School District

Beth recently moved into a new position at Cupertino. She was anxious to learn all she could about reconciling payroll and using position control budgeting so she could dive into her new duties. In her previous position, she used the AP and AR activities in Escape Online 5. Going over to payroll and budgeting put her in a whole new world, as Jasmine would sing.

Our day with Beth included a morning of budget training with John G. and me. Stephanie joined us for a lunch filled with lively conversation.  Following that, Ginny spent an enjoyable afternoon providing payroll training.

Of course, we couldn’t let Beth leave without taking a picture!  Please join us in congratulating Beth on her new position. And Beth, thanks for being such a good sport!