Kudos to John R

john1 Whether he's making videos, assisting with technical issues or converting customer data, Escape's one and only John Rhoadarmer does it with ease and grace.  I received the following feedback yesterday from Sharon Van Gundy, Administrator of Information Technology Services at the Santa Barbara County Education Office and couldn't help but share it.  Sharon and her team have been working with John to convert the legacy data and import it into Escape Online 5.

John Rhoadarmer is a clear communicator who has provided timely and accurate turnaround to help us meet our implementation deadlines.  John has worked evenings and weekends to keep our data conversion milestones on target.  He provides detailed information for us to modify our data conversion templates and has worked collaboratively with our technical team to address a wide range of challenges. John's strong work ethic and commitment to service make him a valued partner in this important endeavor.

Thank you for the kind words Sharon and thank you John for being a rock star!