Introducing Vijay: A New Developer for Escape

Vijay GaonkarI am happy to announce the latest addition to our development team. Vijay Gaonkar comes to us from Chico State, graduating with an M.S. in Computer Science. Vijay will be joining Bill and Chad developing the Escape Employee Online portal.  His PHP, SQL, JQuery, HTML and CSS skills will be put to great use, making the portal more robust and easier to use. We all look forward to this new chapter in Escape Technology's pursuit to provide the most comprehensive school business software to the State of California. Vijay came to the U.S. in 2012, pursuing his degree at Chico, where he tutored and graduated with one of the highest GPAs in the Computer Science class. He already held a B.E. in Computer Engineering, which he earned in India.  He also worked at SPRY Resources India Pvt. Ltd., providing e-governance software to the Government of Goa, India.

I am delighted to be a part of Team Escape and would like to thank all its members for giving me such a warm welcome and wonderful opportunity to serve as a software developer. I look forward to utilizing all my skills to help Escape Technology reach greater heights and pledge my commitment for its success.

~ Vijay Gaonkar, Escape Software Developer

We are delighted to have you as our newest member of  Team Escape. Please join us in welcoming Vijay.

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