Friday Feature - Customizing Your Employee Tab View

If you are one of the users with access to the entire Employee record, then you have access to the almost two dozen tabs that encompass the vast amounts of data Escape Online tracks for each employee.  That's a lot of data.  Even if you don't have access to payroll setup, you still see about a dozen tabs. This is awesome that all of the information is in a single record and you can click around to get any data you want, but there may be times when you want to focus only on certain tabs. For example, maybe you want to review just the Retirement tab for a list of employees with dual retirement. Or, maybe you want to review only the Pay Cycle, Assignment, Addon, Contributions and Deductions tabs for a list of employees with a particular benefit provider. Or, maybe you want to review the Credentials and Education records for a list of teachers.


Escape Online has got you covered, allowing you to select which tabs you want to view!

From the Employee Management list or the form, there is a task called Show Tabs.  All you have to do is click that task and you will see the Filter Form Tabs dialog. Then, use the lookup to select the tabs you want to see. (The lookup will only display the tabs for which you have permissions.)

For the filter to take effect, you will need to open a record. If you are on an open record, you will need to reopen that record or go to the next record for the tab selection to take effect.

The tabs selected will remain in effect until you exit the activity. Nice! A new search will not change your selection. Even nicer!

In this case, I think a picture is worth a thousand words. Based on what I just showed you above, your list of tabs in the Employee Management activity would go from this: To this: But, you are not stuck with that. No siree, Bob. If you want to change your tab selection, use the Show Tabs task again and select a new set of tabs.

Now, that's some awesome on-the-fly customization.