Friday Feature - Show Me the Records

Last week, I told you about the Show Tabs task. Escape Online has another feature that I think complements the tab selection very well. It is the Active Setup Records field on the first tab of the Employee record. Let's continue with our example from last week to show the true power of this field. We had only the Employee, Credential and Education tabs showing.

We can see from the tabs that there are four Credential records and six Education records. But, remember, we have a whole host of tabs hidden. How do we know how many records are on those tabs?

We look at the Active Setup Records field. Tada!

The Active Setup Records field is the last field in the Employee Information category on the right side of the Employee tab. The field names all of the tabs that have active date-based records. (It does not consider the Leave, Authorizations, Flex, Education, Attachments, History, Seniority and Notes tabs because they are not date-based setup records.)

You can go to this field and hover over it to see the list. Or, you can use the lookup (press F4) and see the list of records.

This is a fabulous time saver!

You don't have to have hidden tabs to see the power of this little field. It can be used any time.