Keeping Up with the Times.

Technology changes as does the versions of operating systems available from Microsoft.  In an effort to keep up to date with these changes, Escape maintains a close relationship with Microsoft.  Having this relationship allows us access to the latest operating systems and applications available from Microsoft.  When a new operating system comes to market, Escape goesEN_rgb_WS12R2_Cert_Blu286_1 through the steps to make sure that our products work as well on the new systems as they did on previous versions. In keeping with this tradition, Escape has fully tested and certified our Escape Online 5 product with the latest Windows 2012-R2 operation system.  This means that as customers buy new hardware and software they can rest assured that our applications will continue to work as they did before as well as offering the benefits of the latest technology within their operating systems and domain environments.  Stay tuned for more with the testing and certification of the Escape Online 5 product with SQL Server 2014 which will be completed by year's end.