Friday Feature - History Contains

History tells us what we have done. That is why Escape Online includes an audit trail on the History tab. Almost every record — from vendor requisitions to employees to journal entries — has a history record. As we can see from my original post about history records back in 2009, the record contains some valuable nuggets of information. Here is an example from a fixed asset record:

Great information, huh?

So great, that we are going through each activity with history records and giving you the ability to tap into this vital knowledge. We have already implemented searching for fixed assets and stores items.

The really cool thing about the search is how we are using what I like to call keywords.

The History Contains field supports free typing of multiple keywords. What I mean by that is that you can enter more than one word, separated by a comma to focus your search. Using the example above, I could enter "room,047" (no spaces) to find all assets that have a history record for a room change for 047.

That’s fun! Let’s try another one. I could enter “room,changed,compaq” to find all Compaq computers that changed rooms. See, how I have focused my search not on Compaq computers in a particular room, but computers that have moved. Wow! This is powerful!

That’s why we are rolling it out in reports and activities. In the upcoming release, you will be able to search User records using the System02 report. In releases scheduled for next year, you will be able to search for employee, invoice and journal entry history records.

That's historic.