Customer Service Week 2014

support2Did you know that in 1992 President George Bush signed a proclamation declaring that the first week of October would be National Customer Service Week? Since customers are our most valuable asset, it seems like a great opportunity to acknowledge our appreciation for them! This week you’ll see a new post every day from one of our support team members highlighting one of their favorite customers. I’ll start the trend today by sharing an internal thank you sent regarding one of our very own support reps.

From Kathy Carlson, Escape Project Manager

I wanted to thank Escape Customer Care and Lora especially for assisting my implementation customers while I was on vacation.  I know that there were some payroll questions sent in for Solano COE and they were very happy with the quick and effective response from Lora.  Thank you to all for allowing me to take vacation, it was much needed break.  Kudos to Lora and Customer Support


Thank you Kathy for acknowledging the great support you received!  I can't wait to see what will be posted tomorrow.

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