Celebrating Our Customers: Tehama County Department of Education

When asked to write about one of my customers for Customer Service Week, I immediately thought of Jonna Turek from Tehama County Department of Education (TCDE). This county is one I’ve had the privilege of working with since my first days with Escape in 2009. It’s always difficult when it comes time for us to reassign customers for various reasons and I’m fortunate to have been able to hold on to them this long! I worked with Jonna a little in her prior position with the county office. In 2011 she took over as the Business Systems Support Specialist, becoming my main contact at TCDE. jonna

Jonna jumped into her new position with enthusiasm and the drive to do a great job. Working with her over the past three years has been a wonderful experience. On the business side, she is very detailed. When I get an incident from Jonna, I know she has reviewed known issues, looked at open CRs, and tried to recreate the issue herself. She sends all the information she can think of so we don’t have to go back and forth too much: version of software, user Id and role level, activity, steps taken to create the issue, screenshots, any errors received, and so on. It’s pretty rare for me to have to ask for a requisition number or if anyone else is having the same issue. She’s done her research and provided the details I need to dive into the issue. If she’s requesting new functionality, she outlines exactly what the users want and any suggestions they have for how it should work. As a support representative, I really enjoy hearing our customers positive experiences, and Jonna is quick to share those and say thank you.

I’ve had the opportunity to have some personal conversations with Jonna, as well. She has a great sense of humor and can usually make me laugh in the midst of a complicated issue that has us both scratching our heads. When I discovered Jonna is a published author, I promptly went out and bought her first book. As a fellow blogger, I enjoy following her blog posts. (She is currently enjoying a well-earned vacation, so I was unable to contact her to see if I can share her pen name or website with you here.) I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know Jonna over the past few years and look forward to our conversations ahead.