Friday Feature - Updating Fixed Assets via a Barcoder

I just finished with the inventory of our trade show give-aways (stop by our booth at CETPA or CASBO to learn more!). I can say honestly that counting items is not one of my favorite activities. I can only imagine how tedious it would be to perform an inventory with hundreds of items at a school district. That's why Escape Online supports updating fixed assets (or any old asset) via a barcoder. Currently, Escape Online supports the Tricoder 5000 available from Worth Data, and the process is pretty simple! Basically, you buy the barcoder and send it to Escape so we can perform some custom programming.

Once we have completed the custom programming, you are ready to complete your inventory according to the barcoder instructions, creating a file that can be uploaded to Escape Online.

Now, you go into Escape Online, create your list in the Asset Physical Inventory and select the Import Barcode File task.

Voila! Any fields (organization ID, campus, location, room, date scanned or tag number) that are different from what is in Escape Online will be updated to what is in the barcoder file.

But wait, there's more.

If all you want to do is scan your tag numbers or serial numbers into Escape Online and perform your updates there, we have an option for that too. And, it works with almost any barcoder. Our testing shows that if you plug the scanner into your USB port, put your cursor in the Tag Number field or Serial Number field in the Asset record, point the scanner at the barcode and pull the trigger, Escape Online 5 accepts the input just as if you had typed it.

That's so easy! It almost makes me want to count some more pens!