2014 Interim & Multi Year Budgeting Webinar Highlights

This was our first webinar in our new recording studio here at Escape Technology offices.  I love giving the Multi Year Budgeting webinar because it’s packed with information that our customers will use throughout the fiscal year. Like Interim reporting! I was thrilled to have 60 connections from our customers at Alameda COE, Lake COE, Monterey COE, Placer COE, Plumas COE, San Joaquin COE, Santa Barbara CEO, Solano COE, Yuba COE, Cupertino School District, Rio Honda College and Santa Maria Joint UHSD. Just to name a few!

Arin Simonyan, Escape Technology HR/Payroll Specialist did an amazing job answering all of your chat box questions. Don’t forget that all of your questions and the video recording from the live broadcast will be posted in Escape Online 5 – Online Resources – Webinar Information under the Interim & MYP Budget section.

We're looking forward to our next webinar training on December 13th for 1099 Processing at 9:00am - 11:00am and then W2 Processing from 2:00pm - 4:00pm.

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